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How the pandemic impacts school children of various developmental stages

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  • Understanding how the pandemic impacts school children of various developmental stages

A year later, “Delta Variant” has entered the vocabulary and kids are returning to school once again under the shadow of the lingering pandemic. We shared this piece a year ago and it’s still relevant.

School is an important arena within which a child encounters, and in optimal situations, masters, important developmental challenges. A familiarity with the dynamic aspects of these challenges can help parents and children navigate at this ...

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Shopping for preschool: 19 things your child needs to learn

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  • A list of things a child needs to learn in preschool

When you begin to look at preschools for your children, it’s easy to be wowed by some of the exciting things many of them will offer to compete for your business, such as big muscle rooms, regular field trips, strenuous academic curricula, and name-brand extracurricular activities taught by outside instructors.

This splendid collection of  activities raises a question: How can parents figure out the best pre-school environment for their child?

It helps ...

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