United Way of Greater Cleveland

Hanna Perkins is a community partner of United Way of Greater Cleveland, which is committed to advancing education, income and health in the community.

Alliance For Psychoanalytic Schools

More than 20 years ago, under the leadership of then-Director Robert Furman, Hanna Perkins began hosting an annual symposium of professional colleagues from around the world to learn of our work with children and families. As was Dr. Furman’s hope, the event inspired the development of other schools with a similar approach. Those schools subsequently formed the Alliance For Psychoanalytic Schools to share their work and experiences. Hanna Perkins is proud of its status as a charter member.

Centers for Families & Children

Hanna Perkins was among a handful of social services organizations that collaborated in the early 1970s to found the Centers for Families & Children (originally named Center for Human Services). As that organization’s mission evolved, Hanna Perkins was spun off as an independent organization (see our history for more detail). The two organizations have maintained a close relationship ever since, with Hanna Perkins providing consulting and training services on an ongoing basis.

Invest in Children

Invest in Children is Cuyahoga County’s early childhood system which focuses on four areas:

  1. Effective Parents and Families
  2. Safe and Healthy Children
  3. Children Prepared for School
  4. A Community Committed to Children

Hanna Perkins provides consultation services to Child Care Centers and Family child Care Homes under the auspices of Invest In Children and Starting Point for Child Care and Early Education‘s Special Needs Child Care Program.