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We’ve got something better than open houses

How about a one-on-one visit with the school director to talk about what YOUR child needs in their early school experience?

Hanna Perkins is a small school built around close relationships and highly personalized instruction; open houses aren’t an effective way to get to know us.

But in a personal meeting we’ll help you discover what makes Hanna Perkins unique. We’re excited to share our expertise with you, from the mindful approach to child development, to the important role of parents in the learning process, to the way meals and outdoor fun are integrated into the curriculum. And you can choose to meet with us in-person or online.

Hanna Perkins focuses on emotional intelligence – helping young children understand and manage the feelings that arise in everyday interactions. It’s a foundational skill for success in school and life.

To arrange a personal meeting
call 216-991-4472

Hanna Perkins classes feature a 6:1 student teacher ratio. And a unique team-based approach involving the parent, teacher and a Family Helper provides an experience that sets each child on his or her best path for future success. Also, the program integrates best practices in early childhood education. It’s built on an internationally-recognized relationship-based model that has been researched, developed, practiced and fine-tuned for more than 70 years.

As a result, the school offers an effective environment for a wide range for students, including:

  • Those whose parents value a proactive emphasis on social-emotional development;
  • Kids who need extra personal attention;
  • Children who struggle with specific emotional or behavioral issues;
  • Families that have experienced adoption, divorce, displacement, serious illness or other difficult events.

Hanna Perkins open houseIt is not a therapeutic school in the narrow sense that many people understand. But it’s particularly attractive to families with children who need help making sense of the world around them.

Hanna Perkins School is located in a beautifully restored historic school building in a neighborhood setting in Shaker Heights. And it offers two playgrounds; an indoor gym; and healthful meals prepared onsite daily, with an emphasis on organic and locally grown food.

We’re located at 19910 Malvern Road, Shaker Heights, OH. Click here for directions.