Hanna Perkins offers consultation services to child care centers, family child care homes, early learning programs and school systems.

In many cases, there is no cost for this service if it qualifies under the Special Needs Child Care program of Invest In Children and Starting Point. This program:

  • Supports families in finding services for their children;
  • Helps child-care providers and programs adapt routines and activities to the meet specific needs of individual children;
  • Works to enhance the quality of services for all children in Cuyahoga County.


Hanna Perkins consultants are highly trained and experienced in providing education to parents and early-care providers alike – accounting for cultural differences in the various schools and programs they serve. Our consulting focuses on social-emotional development, and understanding of behaviors as communication to be addressed through collaboration with classroom personnel and families.

This program does not involve formal assessment or labeling of children.

Consultation is available for families and care providers working with children who might be experiencing:

  • Separation and transition difficulty;
  • Withdrawn or overly passive behavior;
  • Aggressive behavior;
  • Awkwardness with peers;
  • Family crisis;
  • Medical situations;
  • Other concerns as presented by the parent or care provider.