My Mad Feelings: Bullying prevention and emotional intelligence for young children and their parents

A fun enrichment program that provides developmental quality time with your child.

It’s an innovative program that helps children learn to identify, discuss and manage their feelings through songs, stories and activities. Parents learn techniques to help children talk about strong emotions to develop empathy, self-advocacy, self-control and self-esteem – all of which provide a safety net against bullying.

While most anti-bullying programs focus on adolescent children, the origins of bullying can be recognized at a much younger age – when children first go to school or child care, and must learn to advocate for themselves in a social setting.

Ideally, children learn to identify feelings and express their emotions verballyGilberto 3 rather than behaviorally. But this is a skill that needs to be taught. Without this ability, children may instead practice self-advocacy by acting out – grabbing, hitting, hurtful talk, etc. – essentially “sharing” their uncomfortable feelings with others. Such behaviors alienate others and result in disciplinary action – creating a downward spiral in self-esteem. By adolescence, these behaviors become habitual and hard to correct – and are recognized as bullying.

My Mad Feelings was developed by Hanna Perkins for use in preschool classrooms. Now it’s been adapted for parents and children (3-6) to take together.

My Mad Feelings prevents bullying before it begins, but it has power to do much more. When children are able to manage their feelings successfully, they can:

  • Become more tolerant of others;
  • Develop stronger relationships;
  • Enjoy the risks involved in learning new things and having new experiences;
  • Be viewed more positively by the adults who wield influence over life in school and other activities.