Over the years the staff at Hanna Perkins has felt the commitment to share what we have learned from the children and families with whom we have worked.

Papers & Presentations

The following papers are available through the Hanna Perkins Center. Many are based on presentations at our annual workshops. Included are publications that address questions related to parent-child relationships; play and work in early childhood; discipline; conscience development; and the role of preparation in helping with mastery. Other pamphlets focus on dealing with the kinds of stress often encountered in substitute care settings.

Each of the following is available at a cost of $5 plus shipping. For ordering assistance, please contact Ms. Jocelyn Benson by telephone 216-991-4472 or by Email .

  • On Discipline in the Nursery School (1970) E. Furman
  • Helping Children Cope with Stress (1971) R. Furman
  • Children with Toddler-Like Behavior in Nursery School (1980) E. Furman, M. Kaiser, & A. Rosenbaum
  • Presentations from the 1981 Workshop
  • Discovering Psychoanalytic Principles of Child Development S. Redmond
  • Children in Hospitals as Patients and Visitors E. Furman
  • The Abused Child in the Nursery E. Furman
  • Helping Parents Help Their Children J. Naegele
  • Speech Development – Its Tie to Communication Between Mother and Child (1982) R. Hall
  • The Father-Child Relationship (1983) R. Furman
  • Mothers, Toddlers and Care (1984) E. Furman
  • Learning to Feel Good About Sexual Differences (1984) E. Furman
  • Play and Work in Early Childhood (1985) E. Furman
  • More Protections, Fewer Directions (1986) E. Furman
  • On Liking Oneself (1987) E. Furman
  • “New” Perspectives on Preparation (1988) R. Furman
  • Helping Children with Mastery (1989) V. Steininger
  • Learning About the Life Cycle (1990) E. Furman
  • Working with Parents (1991) R. Hall
  • Supporting Conscience Development (1992) T. Barrett
  • How Much Is Too Much? Recognizing Sources of Stress in the Classroom (1993) D. Paris
  • Where, When and How to go on Field Trips – Y. Hoffman, C. Eber, E. Furman, K. O’Rourke , N. Sabath, & B. Welch
  • Guidelines for Helping the Disruptive Child in the Preschool – C. Eber, E. Furman, Y. Hoffman, N. Sabath, B. Welch
  • Referring a Child for Special Help – L. Raia & E. Schiff
  • Learning to Enjoy Circle Time (1994) E. Furman
  • The Stresses of Working with Young Children (1995) J. Horwitz
  • On Respect and Self-Respect (1996) E. Furman
  • Surviving in the Early Childhood Profession (1997) M. Kaiser, G. Roberts, & K. Smith
  • Day Care: Our Shared Burden (1998) R. Furman
  • Preschool Teaching: If I Knew Then What I Know Now…Understanding the Inner Life of Children – Practical Applications in the Classroom (1999) H. Parma, F. Toossi, T. Haber, & L. Baues
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: An Alternative Viewpoint (2000) R. Furman
  • Are Children in Day Care More Aggressive? (2001) R. Hall
  • Children and Calamity: How to Help Children When Bad Things Happen (2002) D. Paris
  • Caring for our Children, Parents and Staff in Day Care (2003) G. Allen
  • Is My School Starting Yesterday?: Book Making as a Communication Tool for Helping Children with Transition and Change (2004) K. Goulandris
  • Learning From the Inside Out: Using Music as a Tool for Helping Develop School Skills (2005) R. Sollisch

Hanna Perkins clinic associates have written a number of books – many based on research undertaken at The Hanna Perkins Center. These books may be available at Hanna Perkins Center Library by appointment.

The Therapeutic Nursery School
(Edited by R. Furman and A. Katan, 1969), A text describing the work at Hanna Perkins.

A Child’s Parent Dies
(Furman, Erna) Yale University Press, New Haven, 1974
This book is devoted to understanding and helping children who have lost a parent.

Toddlers and Their Mothers, Abridged Version for Parents and Teachers
(Furman, Erna) International University Press, 1992, 1993,
These books focus on the development of toddlers and their efforts to achieve mastery in self-care.

Helping Young Children Grow – I Never Knew Parents Did So Much
The Teacher’s Guide to Helping Young Children Grow

(Furman, Erna) International University Press, 1987
These books were written as texts for a parenting course for high school students.

Not by the Color of Their Skin
(McDonald, Marjorie) International University Press, 1970
Addresses young children’s questions about racial differences.

What Nursery School Teachers Ask Us About
Preschoolers: Questions and Answers

(Both edited by E. Furman, 1986, 1995) collections of papers that respond to the concerns often raised by early childhood educators and care givers.

On Being and Having a Mother
(Furman, Erna) International University Press, 2001
A collection of papers on motherhood.

Paperback Edition of Helping Young Children Grow is available in three volumes:

  1. Relationships in Early Childhood
  2. Self-Control and Mastery in Early Childhood
  3. Needs, Urges, and Feelings in Early Childhood

Your Young Child and You: How to Manage Growing-up Problems in the Years from One to Five
(Eleanor Weisberger, 1975) A book written for parents focusing on the developmental challenges of the preschool years.

When Your Child Needs You: A Parents’ Guide Through the Early Years
(Eleanor Weisberger, 1987) An updated expansion of her earlier book stressing that the needs of children under five require special attention in families where both the mother and the father work outside the home. There are practical suggestions for handling situations linked to toilet training and other disciplines as well as more serious problems that may arise: a toddler is hospitalized or separated from parents temporarily, traumatized by divorce, etc. Counseling to fathers is offered in view of their greater role in child care in these times when over half the mothers hold outside jobs.

Letters from Nin: Wisdom, Advice, and Encouragement for a First-time Mother
(Eleanor Weisberger, 2001) Through a series of letters, a first-time mother shares her parenting concerns with a family friend who is a professional in the field of child development. Topics addressed include child care, career vs. family, in-laws, and parental roles.

A Century for Children: A History of the Day Nursery Association of Cleveland
(Hosley, Eleanor) 1998 A posthumously published text detailing the development of child care programming within the Greater Cleveland area.