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Postpartum depression is one of the most common health risks that can affect a mother following the birth of a child. The Hadden Clinic at Hanna Perkins offers effective treatment for this and other related issues, known collectively as Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorders (PMAD).

Up to 80% of new mothers suffer some symptoms that are usually referred to as the Baby Blues. But as many as 1-in-5 new mothers experience more severe symptoms that should be evaluated and possibly treated as postpartum anxiety or depression.

A combination of group support and individual counseling/therapy has been demonstrated to be particularly effective in helping mothers suffering from postpartum depression and related disorders. Hadden Clinic provides these services with specialists in this underserved practice area.

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Symptoms linked with anxiety disorders:

  • Concern about being alone with your child due to scary thoughts or fears of things in your house that could cause harm.
  • Racing thoughts that refuse to let you settle down, and which create a strong urge to keep moving.
  • Physical symptoms such as stomach aches, headaches and shakiness.
  • A sense of dread, as if something terrible is going to happen.
  • Fear of reaching out for help because your child may be taken from you.

Symptoms linked with depression:

  • Changes in sleep or eating patterns (i.e. sleeping or eating more or less than normal).
  • Thoughts of hurting yourself or your child.
  • Feelings of emptiness and a lack of interest in activities that you typically enjoy.
  • Feeling angry, irritated or resentful toward your child and/or partner.
  • Not feeling bonded to your child, or feeling guilty about the feelings you have toward your child.

For an appointment/consultation, call 216.991.4472