The pandemic increased demand for mental health services. As we enter a post-pandemic period, that need is expected to remain high.

To help meet this need, the Hadden Clinic has expanded care to include treatment for adults as well as children and adolescents.

If you are struggling because of the pandemic or any other reason, you don’t need to go through it alone. Please call us or another mental health provider for help and support.

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The Hadden Clinic specializes in treatment of children and adolescents within the context of the whole family. We work with children who have behavioral concerns that can include age-appropriate self-care, school and learning issues, emotional modulation and self-control, and developing and maintaining friendships/relationships.

We help families in dealing with a wide range of issues that can affect the natural course of a child’s personality development, such as divorce, adoption, chronic or serious illness of a parent or sibling, or death of a loved one.


Our therapeutic approach is based on the understanding that children’s troubling behavior always serves a purpose – even if that purpose is not immediately apparent. Everyone has an inner emotional life that impacts how he or she responds to the demands of daily life. As children become more aware of their feelings, they can identify how their behavioral troubles prevent them from having to confront difficult emotions – unlocking the keys to long-term behavioral change.

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Length and course of treatment is based on the individual needs of each child and family, with the ultimate goal of restoring the child’s progressive personality development. Parents are a vital part of the treatment team, thinking together with the therapist, and learning to apply new understandings in the home and social environment where the more significant behavioral changes occur. Our whole person/whole family approach is seen throughout our clinic offerings which include:

  • Developmental Guidance: For parents who have questions about their children’s behaviors or their own parenting style.

  • Treatment via the Parent: Our specialized approach to working with children younger than 5, who aren’t yet old enough to participate in a more traditional therapy format. It involves work between a parent and therapist in which they think together about the child’s difficulties, and plan how the parent can intervene in a developmentally helpful way. The therapeutic intervention takes place at home, in the day-to-day relationship between parent and child.

  • Postpartum mood and anxiety disorder support: Help for moms who are struggling during pregnancy or after giving birth with feelings that seems to interfere with their joy in parenting.

  • Psychotherapy: Best suited for children school-age children and adolescents, who are able to develop a working relationship with a therapist through words and play. Psychotherapy typically involves 1 or 2 individual sessions per week between child and therapist, with regular parent sessions scheduled separately. This arrangement ensures the child’s privacy while allowing the parent, child, and therapist to work together as a treatment team. Work is based on the child’s wish for help and ability to participate, and is undertaken at the child’s pace.

  • Psychoanalysis: A more intensive form of treatment for children whose behavior struggles have not responded well to weekly sessions.


We do not prescribe medications at the Hadden Clinic. The decision whether or not to use psychiatric medication is a difficult one for parents, children and clinicians. In our experience, we find it is most helpful for a child to develop inner controls that will be long-term resources, rather than becoming reliant on medication. For children already on medications, we are available to work with families and with the prescribing doctor.


The Hadden Clinic accepts most major insurances, and is an in-network provider with:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • CareSource
  • Cigna
  • Cuyahoga County Health Insurance
  • Medical Mutual Super Med PPO

We encourage parents to inquire directly with their insurance company about their policy’s mental health coverage. As part of the initial paperwork, Hanna Perkins Center will gather insurance information in order to verify what benefits are available for the services to be provided and to initiate the billing process.

For an appointment/consultation, call 216-991-4472.