My Mad Feelings is a bullying-prevention program for young children, from approximately 3-6 years old.

Most anti-bullying programs focus on adolescents, but the origins of bullying can be recognized at a much younger age – when children first go to school or child care, and must begin advocating for themselves in a social setting.

Ideally, children learn to identify the everyday feelings that come from interacting with others, and express their emotions verbally rather than behaviorally. But this ability must be taught.

Without it, children may instead practice self-advocacy by acting out – grabbing, hitting, hurtful talk, etc. – essentially “sharing” their uncomfortable feelings with others. Such behaviors alienate others and result in disciplinary action – creating a downward spiral in self-esteem. By adolescence, these behaviors become habitual and hard to correct.

Through stories and age-appropriate activities, My Mad Feelings provides children with tools to recognize, modulate and communicate their feelings, so they can advocate for themselves while still acknowledging the feelings of others.

My Mad Feelings is available in the following ways:

Early learning curriculum

for schools, child care centers and other institutions

Let our consultants lead classroom sessions, train staff and engage parents for a comprehensive approach to bullying prevention.

Professional development

for early childhood educators, social workers, etc.

Receive Ohio Approved training to teach the licensed program in your own classroom or in groups at other organizations.

After-school enrichment

for children with their parents and/or caretakers

Enroll in an enjoyable enrichment program for you and your child, and learn a language for talking about feelings with children.

Mad Feelings helps prevent bullying before it begins

But it has power to do much more.

When children are able to manage their feelings successfully, they can:

  • Become more tolerant of others;
  • Develop stronger relationships;
  • Enjoy the risks involved in learning new things and having new experiences;
  • Be viewed more positively by the adults who wield influence over life in school and other activities.

Video overview

This video is from a presentation to potential funders, and is provided as an overview of the program’s purpose and approach.

TV coverage of My Mad Feelings

mad feelings TV coverage

My Mad Feelings is developed by Victoria Todd, LISW-S, a child and adolescent psychoanalyst.

Read Victoria Todd’s message to teachers and guidance counselors.