Streeter elected faculty chair of Psychoanalytic Training Program

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Bob Rosenbaum, communications manager


 Dec. 17, 2012

SHAKER HEIGHTS – Barbara Streeter, M.S., L.P.C.C. (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor), has been elected Chair of  Faculty at The Hanna Perkins Center for Child Development. The Hanna Perkins faculty oversees the child and adolescent Psychoanalytic Training Program, which  has been in operation since 1958.

In this role, Ms. Streeter will work with other faculty members to preserve and develop the superior quality of training offered to psychologists, clinical social workers, counselors, and other mental health professionals with graduate degrees.

The intensive training program requires years of didactic, reflective and supervised clinical work. It prepares professionals to provide psychoanalytic therapy to children and adolescents, and to work closely with children’s parents. Candidates in the program also receive opportunities to apply psychoanalytic understandings in work with parents and teachers at schools, child care centers and programs involving troubled youth. Many candidates over the years have relocated to Cleveland from across the country and around the world to obtain this specialized training.

“I’m pleased to have the opportunity to facilitate the training of young, energetic professionals to carry on the work of Hanna Perkins Center, which I so value and which is unique in the world,” Ms. Streeter said.

Ms. Streeter will continue to serve as Director of the Hanna Perkins School, where she  oversees enrollment and day-to-day operations of the preschool, Ohio-chartered kindergarten and parent/toddler program. She has held that position since 2009.

Ms. Streeter is a graduate of Brown University and holds a Masters in Special Education from the Bank Street College of Education. She first joined Hanna Perkins in 1976, and qualified as a child psychoanalyst through its Psychoanalytic Training Program.

In announcing the appointment, Hanna Perkins CEO Karen Baer said, “In my short time here as CEO I have found Barbara to be a very dedicated and capable individual and I look forward to her contributions. I would also like to thank Carl Tuss for his years of service to the program. It has been a privilege to work with both of these professionals.”

Carl Tuss, L.I.S.S. (Licensed Independent Social Worker), L.P.C.C., L.I.C.D.C (Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor), is the outgoing faculty chair. Having held that role since 2000, he continues to serve on the faculty and as a therapist at the Hadden Clinic for Children & Families – another Hanna Perkins service offering.

Since 1951, The Hanna Perkins Center for Child Development has served children and families across Northeast Ohio by promoting understanding of the inner emotional  life of children. Its work is founded on the knowledge that a child’s behavior is a means of communicating important feelings and emotions that he or she may not yet have the ability to put into words.

Located in the historic renovation of the former Malvern School in Shaker Heights, Hanna Perkins provides these services:

Hanna Perkins School, offering preschool, a state-chartered kindergarten, and parent/toddler classes. The school focuses on emotional intelligence – the ability to understand and manage feelings – which is regarded as a building block for other success skills.

Continuing education and training to teachers, day care providers, social workers and other child-care specialists across Northeast Ohio.

Hadden Clinic for Children & Families, providing developmental guidance and therapy for children and adolescents, including the specialized technique of Treatment Via the Parent.

The Reinberger Parent Child Resource Center, offering drop-in play for young children and their parents/caregivers, and educational opportunities based on the Hanna Perkins approach to child development.

Training for child and adolescent psychoanalysis.