Preparing children as parents return to work

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March 30, 2021

By Maureen Kyle

CLEVELAND — As businesses and companies open back up, parents will be headed back into work. That means kids will be headed back to full-time care situations and getting used to mom and dad not being home all day. In our “Routine Reset” series, 3News’ Maureen Kyle talked to psychologist Dr. Kim Bell about the best ways to transition back and what warning signs show our kids are struggling.

Mom and dad working from home is something kids got used to. But now, parents are headed back to the office and kids are headed to daycare or school and separation anxiety can hit our little ones hard.

Dr. Kim Bell, who is with the Hanna Perkins Center, says younger children know we disappear during the day — but showing them what we do can help.

“You can create a book of your day of mom’s day, dad’s day and it’s a picture book of ‘here we are getting ready for work, here we are in the car, this is me in my office, this is me having lunch at my desk’ and the child can sort of see where you are throughout the day by looking through this book

When it comes to the older kids, pre-teens and teens, Bell says a major concern is teenagers, who may experience extremely varying dynamics in their social groups.

The interview is below, or you can watch it at WKYC-TV3.


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