Teachers, parents should place importance on facilitating friendships

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Cleveland Jewish News
Sept. 12, 2018

Having friends is an important aspect of emotional and mental development.

Barbara Streeter, education director at Hanna Perkins School in Shaker Heights, and Becca Ucker, Montessori pre-primary director at The Lillian and Betty Ratner School in Pepper Pike, said making friends at a young age helps produce well-rounded individuals.

“Developmentally, preschoolers are ready to move beyond the egocentricity of toddlerhood and discover that the world is not only about ‘me and my family,’” Streeter said. “Being exposed to peers gives children the impetus to try out things they see other children do, helps them realize that others have feelings like they do and introduces them to the pleasure that can be obtained in having a friend. All this helps take the first developmental steps from egocentricity to companionship.”

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