A homemade children’s book about the pandemic

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Even the youngest children have questions about the way life has changed during the pandemic.

Rique Sollisch – a longtime teacher, consultant and friend at Hanna Perkins – used one of the many available photo services to create this book for her granddaughter, and wanted to share the idea. Here’s what she wrote on her Facebook page:

I am posting the following to explain the video that appears below. I made it for our young granddaughter for whom these quarantined days have been hard to explain.
At 20 months of age, it was unrealistic to expect her to express how she felt when all of her routines completely and suddenly changed. Her parents could tell she had questions and feelings. Fortunately, they did lots of talking about it. As grandparents, we grieved not seeing and being with Avery. We worried about what she understood of our limited contact.
A simple photo app called Chatbooks made it possible for me to use photos taken of Avery during the quarantine period to create a book that sequences the experience. It is our hope she will return to the book often even once restrictions lift and eventually be able to communicate her own thoughts in her own words. If the app was easy enough for me, anyone can do it.


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