Pam Millar

Pam Millar

Pam Millar is Associate Director of Community Engagement & School Programs at The Hanna Perkins Center for Child Development.

In that role, she manages for education and outreach programming for early childhood professionals, and services to families with young children. She also has responsibility for compliance with county- and state-funded programs, and licensing and accreditation requirements.

Before joining Hanna Perkins, Millar was a long-time staff member at the Centers For Families and Children – serving most recently as site manager for its Mather Center for Early Learning. She also has had a long affiliation with Hanna Perkins – receiving professional training and consultation on various occasions beginning in 1980.

“I am a true believer in the philosophy and child development practices that I have learned from Hanna Perkins over the years, and I am thrilled to now find myself working here,” she said.

Millar, a lifelong Clevelander, holds a BS degree in social work and psychology from Notre Dame College. She lives in Lakewood.