• Aligns with Ohio SUTQ content standards in the Social Emotional domain
  • Awareness & expression of emotion
  • Self-concept
  • 12 hours in multiple sessions
  • OA-L2

This 12-hour course covers the same concepts outlined in the 3-hour course on Listening to a Child’s Behaviors, but involves more active participation and more opportunity for participants to implement learnings in their workplace.

The goal of this course is to focus on understanding the feelings children are conveying in their behaviors and consider how to use the understandings in work with children in their classroom settings. Participants will be introduced to behaviors that are typical at various stages of development and will link these to observations of children in the classroom. Participants will also be assisted in problem-solving around children with whom they work whose behaviors are problematic or cause for concern.

This program is approved by the State of Ohio and is aligned with Ohio’s Step Up to Quality (SUTQ) standards.

To schedule this course for your organization, contact our Community Collaborations and Professional Development office.