HPC’s Dr. Kimberly Bell interview on teaching children gratitude

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Your kids are probably coming home with the classic hand turkey or essay explaining what they’re grateful for – and they likely have the typical canned responses of family, friends and toys.

But we all know that having gratitude makes for happier kids — and adults. So, how can we effectively teach our kids to be grateful for all of their blessings?

In today’s Mom Squad, 3News’ Maureen Kyle talks with Dr. Kim Bell of the Hanna Perkins Center for Child Development about her favorite ways to get the point across.

“If you want to, like, do the master class with younger kids, I am a huge fan of bookmaking,” Bell says.

“I used to teach a bookmaking class where parents and children would come in and we would pick a topic that they wanted to cover with their child. Together they would make their own story and they would make their own book. And that is a whole different level of family values and integration and it doesn’t have to be anything more than, you know, two pieces of printer paper folded and stapled.”

Bell says then read the book over and over and it becomes their favorite story. She says this is something she does with many lessons she wants kids to learn.

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You can view the 3-minute version of the story here, or see the full conversation below.


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