Letting a child’s personality guide your parenting style

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The Herald (Sharon, Pa.)
Jan. 22, 2023

By Bonnie Jean Feldkamp
Creators Syndicate

I got a note from my son’s teacher saying he was not “meeting classroom expectations.”

He’s in the first grade. The offense? Talking out of turn. My husband gave me that all-too-familiar look when I told him. You know, the look that means, “He gets it from you.”

Personality traits like talkativeness and adaptability are hard-wired, so my husband’s accusations are rooted in truth.

This is according to the study titled “On the Contextual Independence of Personality” conducted at the University of California, Riverside. Christopher Nave, the study’s author, wrote: “personality resides within people, it is manifested through behavior in diverse ways across the varied settings of life.”

It turns out that teaching any child how to be a good human starts with knowing their personality.

Kimberly Bell, Ph.D., is the Clinical Director of the Hadden Clinic for Children and Families at the Hanna Perkins Center in Cleveland, Ohio. She told me when we spoke on the phone that the key to helping a child develop is “really about meeting a child where they are and moving them forward in bearable bits.”




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