Cabin fever: 2-way feelings about winter

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Cabin fever: How do you manage your kids’ needs when school is canceled or the weather isn’t conducive to being outside?

A lot of parents use snow days to have some cozy time with fewer rules – stay in pajamas, watch DVDs, lose track of meal times.

Other families – especially those with younger children – find their kids need the structure even when it’s not provided by the outside world. In that case, parents need to use the clock to pattern the day similarly to weekday routines.

Neither solution is right or wrong; do what’s right for your child.

To help keep your long winter days moving, think about your home as a classroom with stations; rotate through activities the way teachers do. And don’t forget how satisfying it can be to cook or bake. It warms up your house, paces a large chunk of time and everyone gets a treat afterwards.

When working with small children, the prep work for a baking project is just as important as the actual mixing-bowl moment. And it becomes an activity, in itself.

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