3 more great books for preschoolers

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Birds book cover

Birds by Carme Lemniscates

Birds come in many colors, sizes and shapes: Just like people. Birds sing songs with messages of peace and kindness.

The Rabbit Garden by Georgia Tufts

Nora and her grandfather have planted a garden but the rabbits keeping eating the vegetables. Grandpa and Nora build a rabbit garden, just for rabbits. The rabbit garden has high fences for rabbits who like to jump, low fences for rabbits who like to dig and no fences for the young and old rabbits.

Rectangle time cover image

Rectangle Time by Pamela Paul

Rectangle time (story time) is kitty’s favorite time to be with a young boy and his father as they read books together. Kitty begins to notice as the boy grows up that father no longer reads to him. Kitty does not want to be left out of rectangle time with the boy.

How to pick a great children’s book

The selection of books is as important as the selection of toys. Young children have incomplete information for understanding the world around them, which results in what we often refer to as “magical thinking”: explanations for things that don’t make sense to adults. Magical thinking can make it difficult to know what’s going on in a child’s mind, and may lead to unexpected reactions of fear or stress.

Here are some thoughts about selecting appropriate books:

  • Look for pictures that may be scary to a young child. Is there a fire? Do the animals have long sharp teeth? Are there depictions of things that you know are troubling to your child specifically?
    Noreen Acierno


  • Is the vocabulary suitable? Are the words scary, like yelping, snarling and hissing sounds. Are there references to violence or antisocial behavior – fighting or throwing things?
  • Is it developmentally appropriate? Books for young children should be uncluttered and simple with a clear presentation of the important concepts. The first words that children learn are nouns – the objects of everyday life.

For more insights about selecting books and reading with young children, look at our original list of 100 great children’s books.

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