Since 1969, Joanne Naegele has worked with child and adolescent patients in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, as well as in the Hanna Perkins kindergarten and preschool. She is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor,  State of Ohio, Counselor and Social Work Board. Supervising Counselor. She also earned certification in Child & Adolescent Psychoanalysis in January, 2007, and APsaA  Certification in Adult Psychoanalysis in June 2007.

Other training highlights include:

  • Hanna Perkins Clinic Associate, 1967-present
  • Education: Trinity College, Washington, D.C. A.B. degree. Chemistry
  • Education: Columbia University, New York City, M.A., Developmental Psychology, June, 1965
  • Child Psychoanalytic Training, CCRCD, Cleveland, 1967-1972
  • Adult Psychoanalytic Training Cleveland Psychoanalytic Institute, Dec. 1999
  • Child Psychoanalytic Training, Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center, 2001
  • Appointments: Faculty, Hanna Perkins Center, 1978-present, to teach & supervise
  • Instructor, Cleveland Psychanalytic Center, 1988-present
  • Education Committee, Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center, June, 2001-present
  • Chair, Child Analysis Subcommittee, Education Committee, CPC, 2004-present
  • Child/Adolescent Supervisor, Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center, 2007–present